Life at Dex Media

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At Dex Media, the parent company of Dex Digital, Sheldon is responsible for driving and managing digital performance at a Regional level. He leads team efforts whenever digital products are part of the customer solution and is THE local Subject Matter Expert (SME) for digital solutions, product performance, and Dex Guaranteed Actions positioning. He consistently meets with high value clients in order to provide representation of the company’s vast digital product solutions. Sheldon will facilitate client meetings and drive penetration of existing and new digital products in the local channel through a team environment.

Sheldon is the leading provider of digital solutions for small and mid-sized business that allow them to directly connect with consumers seeking their services.

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* this entire site is dedicated to my work that furthers the efforts of my clients and that of Dex Media

Dex Media is a leading marketing services company that helps local businesses reach, win, and keep ready-to-buy customers.

Through access to a vast collection of highly valuable, proprietary local market intelligence, as well as the personal, hands-on service from our approximately 1,500 dedicated marketing consultants, Dex Media helps more than 650,000 active customers create custom-tailored marketing programs that effectively reach potential customers – wherever, whenever, and however they search.

Dex Media delivers a broad range of products and services to help local businesses grow – from identifying target audiences and developing messaging, to optimizing marketing programs and leveraging appropriate products such as online and mobile search solutions, print yellow pages directories, and voice based search platforms.