Sheldon Bernstein is Head of Strategy and Operations at Google. Sheldon articulates the go-to-market and operationalization for multiple teams. He also defines market strategy to product/sales enablers, content developers, consultants and analysts and how to best drive support to an ecosystem of Google Partners. Sheldon’s platform is based on solid business intelligence that creates opportunity for profitability and revenue. Previously, Sheldon Bernstein has coached digital marketing strategy at the University of Central Florida’s Business Incubation Unit. Sheldon Bernstein is a dynamic speaker, audience motivator, and travels across the world to share his vision. He is a regular speaker for keynotes, industry and sales conferences, as well as frontline and leadership coaching. As a husband, father, and son of a lifetime entrepreneur, Sheldon is able to identify with all walks of life and coach people where they need it most. Some of my Life before Google.

Apolo Group International is my effort to bring as much of my experience at Google to Central America. Countries in Central America are ~2-3ys behind the United States. This is one way that I provide a clear, competitive advantage to the business that decide to partner with me. Where do you want to be in 2-3yrs? How far ahead of the competition do you wish to be? Let’s talk!

I have loved the Hispanic culture for over a decade! Opening this opportunity to truly make a difference, to disrupt the legacy structures that exist, inspires me. I married my hispanic wife over a decade ago and she has been instrumental in propelling me forward in the spanish language. We often visit Central America to see her family. I am always impressed by the rich culture.

Sheldon Berntein